Román created a rounded opening in the wall to allow light into the narrower area of the house.


Salva Lopez

How did you choose what to display or highlight?

We don’t have a pre-established method. It is more of an organic process, which is still open. We are constantly moving around objects and redefining the spaces.

If someone was inspired by this space, what is one thing you would tell them to copy/buy?

I’ve always found it more interesting to copy concepts than particular objects, as objects are personal and subjective. I would encourage people working on a refurbishment to allow singular elements of the different stages of the house to coexist. In our case we maintained the original ceiling moldings of the room, for example, the bedrooms. Then in spaces that had been redefined, like the living room or corridor, we didn’t try to mimic the previous moldings but we removed ceilings completely to show the structural vaults. We also restored original doors and steel radiators, which now look great alongside the modern pieces.

On the other hand, if I were to choose an object, it would probably be the Gabriela Table. It is a great solution for people like us whose dining room asks for a rectangular table but love the feeling of the rounded ones. We love round tables. People sit without hierarchy or distinction around them and everyone sees each other. Conversations merge to one, while the whole group becomes much more united. I designed it and I produce it by request, so we can adapt it to perfectly match any given space in shape and color.

Did anything take you over/under budget on the project?

We were over budget since the day we bought the flat, ha! The project was a great financial effort for us, but we knew it would be worth it. We prioritized volume and light over certain materials and solutions that we loved but which were out of our price range.

It’s hard to tell, but one of these wooden panels is a door to a guest bathroom.


Salva Lopez

There is no door handle on the outside, which gives an interesting visual effect. “As the wall continues above the closet, you don’t perceive the real depth of the bathroom until the door is open,” says Román.


Salva Lopez

How long did the project take?

The sketching and design phase took a couple of months; the work lasted almost eight months.

The couple keeps their bedroom simple to avoid distractions throughout the night. The Bellhop lamp is by Flos.


Salva Lopez