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California Closets Debuts a Different Type of Launch, as Matthew Fisher Reveals Chic New Offerings Ideas of Order, the California Closets magazine, has launched its fourth volume. The Home Issue, as it...

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip III Is the Stunning Future of Space Travel

Right about now, pretty much everyone with a passport is longing for the return of unrestricted international travel. Virgin Galactic, the brand hoping to bring commercial space travel to the masses...

A Bidding War Is Brewing for David Wallace’s Mansion From The Office

It was an honor to be invited to the home of chief financial officer David Wallace—who was played by actor Andy Buckley—so much that not even all the employees of Dunder Mifflin from the beloved TV series The Office got to go. Now imagine having the chance to own it. The huge six-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion located in Pasadena, California, is up for grabs, and homebuyers are determined to close the deal.

As the Housing Supply Hits a Record Low, Is There Anything Left to Buy?

The early days of COVID-19 and the massive economic and logistical challenges it posed could have really affected the real estate market. But the opposite has proven true: 2020 saw a buying frenzy from coast to coast, with vacation towns as well as urban centers experiencing a surge in demand that often pushed offers well above asking prices. After a year of virtual tours and bidding wars, some recent real estate indicators inspire an interesting question: Are we simply running out of houses to buy?

Step Inside This Eclectic Manhattan Loft

Entrepreneur Bradford Shellhammer's home is an ever-evolving display of color, art, and self-expression