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Biden to Publicly Recognize Armenian Genocide, Ending Decades of U.S. Silence

“Within the United States and outside the United States, the American commitment to basic human values has been questioned now for decades,” Ghazarian said. “It is very important for people in the world to continue to have the hope and the faith that America’s aspirational values are still relevant, and that we can in fact to do several things at once. We can in fact carry on trade and other relations with countries while also calling out the fact that a government cannot get away with murdering its own citizens.”

ALEC Seeks Constitutional Amendment to Block Expansion of Supreme Court

Republicans and their right-wing allies want to lock in their conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Chomsky on the ‘joke’ of ‘Russian interference’ and the savagery of US sanctions

Noam Chomsky says that ongoing US claims of Russian interference are a joke — all the more so as the US continues to ravage multiple states with savage sanctions that target...