State Cannabis Reform Is Putting Social Justice Front And Center

By Sabina Morris, John Hudak, and Christine Stenglein The most recent wave of successful legalization efforts has demonstrated the effectiveness of pro-cannabis reformers to frame cannabis policy as a civil rights and...

Poll Finds More Democrats Are Enthusiastic About Voting in 2022 Than Republicans

There are several seats up for grabs in 2022 that could be hotly contested by progressives.

Chuck Schumer’s Cannabis Reform Plan Is Becoming Clearer

The cannabis community has been sniffing around for the past month, trying to figure out what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer means when discussing the comprehensive cannabis reform bill he wants to pass this year. All of the evidence suggests that the U.S. Senate will hear legislation aimed at legalizing the leaf nationwide. However, the intentions of the highly anticipated bill, which Schumer says will be introduced “shortly,” are becoming clearer.