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Epic v. Apple and the Plan to Avoid ‘Looking Like the Baddies’

This week’s antitrust trial against Apple reveals in new detail how the Fortnite developer aimed to take on the industry's titans.“You’ll enjoy the upcoming fireworks show,” wrote Epic Games CEO Tim...

The Powerful, Complicated Women of Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu is only the latest in a long line of the series’ strong—and sometimes conflicted—female characters.When Capcom revealed Lady Alcina Dimitrescu as a character in the upcoming...

9 Upgrades We’d Love to See in the Next Nintendo Switch

If it got better visuals, extended battery life, and Bluetooth support, a new Switch would go from a Maybe to a Must-Buy. And we pray for an end to Joy-Con drift. SINCE...

‘It Takes Two’ Is One Hell of a Couples’ Therapy Session

A couple's divorce provides the surprising foundation of the best co-op video game since Portal 2.In long-term relationships, it’s always the small things. Chore lists. Texting. “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” Fighting material. At the same time, love is the destroyer of scale. Small transgressions are metonymic, stand-ins for the real issues: gendered housework expectations; your partner stumbling home at midnight from god knows which club; how damn indecisive they are about everything.