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Using CBD Oils To Battle Anxiety & Depression During COVID-19

Suffering from anxiety is natural, especially in times like these where a global pandemic has taken the world by stormThe constant and ongoing stressful atmosphere causes serious damage to your body....

Cannabis Is Stealing Workers From Just About Every Other Industry

Job growth for the United States in April 2021 might not have quite matched expectations with a disappointing increase of 266,000 jobs and an unemployment rate rise for the first time...

Terpene Flavor Guide: Where Cannabis Gets Its Taste

By Alfonso Colasuonno, Researcher and Writer at Goldleaf Ltd Terpenes can be found in almost all species of flora. They are chiefly responsible for the aromatic and flavor diversity in the plant...

Pennsylvania Is Crushing It In Cannabis

Pennsylvania has only legalized medical marijuana, but the numbers make it look as if it is adult use cannabis driving the sales. Cannabis data company Headset recently expanded its reach into...

New Mexico Moves Closer To Marijuana Legalization

New Mexico is one step away from becoming the 17th state to legalize cannabis for adult use and the fourth state to adopt a legalization policy by passing a bill through its state legislature. The last stop is Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk for signing.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Industry Is A Billion Dollar Marketplace

Cannabis business consulting firm Nucleus One recently released the findings of their February 2021 Massachusetts Adult-Use Marijuana Market Report. Nucleus-One tracks and analyzes data from the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts. February’s report heralded good news for the Commonwealth’s cannabis industry after a short-lived decline in sales in 2020. Since the decline, December and January 2021 saw unprecedented sales, with over 98 active retailers in the state.

This Cannabinoid Is Thought To Have The Most Significant Sleep-Inducing Qualities

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of U.S. adults report insufficient sleep or rest at least 15 out of every 30 days. In addition to its profound impacts on cognitive health and behavioral functioning, sleep deprivation can cause accidents, affect relationships, and contribute to lowered immunity and chronic illness.