No, Joe Manchin, Eliminating the Filibuster Won’t Lead to “Serious Problems”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) recently argued that eliminating the filibuster would lead to “serious problems.” According to Manchin, “the Senate is different” than the House, yet “for some reason, people are trying to make the Senate operate the same as the House,” even though “our founding fathers never intended that.” First of all, eliminating the filibuster will not lead to serious problems. Most U.S. states and most democratic countries around the world don’t allow for legislation to be filibustered. Many such states and countries function just fine. Giving the minority party veto power over widely supported legislation is unnecessary when there are other strong checks and balances in place.

Are Republicans Breaking Up With Big Business? Don’t Hold Your Breath.

After Jan. 6, some corporations vowed to cut donations to politicians involved, but it was soon business as usual again.