In Somalia, the US is bombing the very ‘terrorists’ it created

US and British meddling transformed Somalia’s al-Shabaab into an extremist group, inflaming the humanitarian crisis that persists throughout the country. This July, the Biden administration picked up where Trump left off and...

Sanders Slams Pentagon for “Waste, Fraud & Abuse,” Vows More Stringent Oversight

Senate Budget chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) sharply criticized the country’s abnormally large defense budget and the “fraud” and “misconduct” of defense contractors in a hearing on Pentagon spending on Wednesday. The Pentagon has a budget of a whopping $740 billion this year. That makes up more than half of the discretionary spending authorized by Congress. This figure would be a lot on its own, but, as Sanders pointed out in the hearing, the Department of Defense is often wasteful in its spending and often racks up cost overruns despite a staggeringly large budget.

Increasing Pentagon Budget as US Pulls Out of Afghanistan Makes Little Sense

50 House Democrats signed a letter to President Biden in March urging a significantly reduced Pentagon budget.

How the US military subverted the Afghan peace agreement to prolong an unpopular war

Appointed in the final days of Trump’s presidency to remove all US troops from Afghanistan, Douglas Macgregor tells The Grayzone how military leadership undermined the withdrawal and pressured Trump to capitulate. In...