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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Your State

The use of cannabis as alternative medicine has increased over time as legalization laws came into effect. It was mainly to meet the demands...

Don’t Shop By THC Levels: Here Are The Top 3 Cannabis Strains Based On Terpenes

Many cannabis enthusiasts are slowly realizing that there is more to cannabis than cannabinoids. Terpenes are no longer being overlooked and are now gaining...

Traveling To Europe This Summer? Here’s How To Score Good Weed

Finally, borders have opened up around the world and summer is fast approaching. For many of us, returning to those lovely European summers is a dream come true....

New Records Show the NYPD’s Favored Punishment: Less Vacation Time

After the repeal of a state law shielding New York police officers’ disciplinary histories from disclosure, the New York Police Department in March released...

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be An Edibles Chef

As edibles continue to grow in popularity and more states legalize recreational weed, the need for quality culinary cannabis professionals will grow as well. It’s...

NY Considers Letting Restaurants Infuse Their Food With Weed

The Empire State may soon allow eateries to spike their food with cannabis. But there’s a drawback to that plan, at least for those...


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