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History of Candy Corn

Everyone has their likes and their dislikes, but there' are a few foods that are polarizing to the extreme. Cilantro is one of them,...

The 25 Greatest Vampire Movies Ever Made

Filmmakers have been making movies about vampires almost since the inception of motion pictures, and our public fascination with these creatures of the night has not...

US scientists find country’s first ‘murder hornet’ nest

Scientists in the northwest United States have located the country’s first nest of Asian giant hornets, otherwise known as “murder hornets”. In a statement on Friday,...

“Break ’Em Up”: As DOJ Targets Google, Zephyr Teachout Urges Breakup of More Big Tech Monopolies

The Department of Justice and 11 states have filed a major antitrust lawsuit against Google in a move that could lead to the breakup...

Threat to democracy? Tech CEOs in hot seat over liability shield

The CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet Inc are set to testify virtually before the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation...

Blockchain could soon make it impossible to sell a stolen Rolex

For a global business worth a reported $17 billion, driven by increasingly sophisticated online platforms, the secondary – or “pre-owned” – watch market is...


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