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In Honor of Black History Month, 30 Black History Facts You May Not Be Aware Of

From trailblazers to inventors, Olympians, and politicians, numerous Black historical figures have left their marks on American history for decades. Unfortunately, a lot of...

What to Know About Cellphone Radiation

To many people, the notion that cellphones or cell towers might present a health risk long ago receded into a realm somewhere between trivial...

Inside the Controversial Sales Practices of the Nation’s Biggest Title Lender

In her mid-20s, Cordelius Brown thought she had found the perfect job. She was thriving as a store manager at TitleMax, a Savannah, Georgia-based...

Ice Water Cannabis Extraction Explained (And How Can You Do It At Home!)

Ice water extraction is a very simple model of cannabis extraction that ensures the production of a pure and unique product. The growth of the...

How To Spot A Fake Vape Cartridge Before You Buy It

The cannabis vape cartridge market has experienced an increase in the number of fake products, especially in unregulated states. Vaping is an amazing way of...

So, You Want To Learn How To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Pro growers often try to get way too scientific with the cultivation process because they believe that it will help produce a higher quality...


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