Iconic horror movie posters are reimagined using fuzzy felt and buttons

digital marketing agency, boom online, has teamed up with soft furnishings retailer, the mill shop, to recreate iconic horror movie posters using a not so scary medium – fuzzy felt. the series...

After Hundreds of Meatpacking Workers Died From COVID-19, Congress Wants Answers

A key congressional panel launched an investigation this week into the wave of COVID-19 infections that killed hundreds of workers at meatpacking plants nationwide last year and highlighted longstanding hazards in the industry. Since the start of the pandemic, the meat industry has struggled to contain the virus in its facilities, and plants in Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas have endured some of the biggest workplace outbreaks in the country.

Contractor Who Was Awarded $34.5 Million in Government Money and Provided Zero Masks Pleads...

An amateur mask broker who was awarded more than $38 million in federal contracts to provide N95 masks has pleaded guilty to defrauding three different federal agencies as part of a scheme to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert Stewart Jr., 35, pleaded guilty to three counts of making false statements, wire fraud and theft of government funds Wednesday in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia, including charges that he lied to the Department of Veterans Affairs in April in order to win a $34.5 million no-bid deal to supply personal protective equipment to nurses and doctors in a sprawling health system serving 9 million veterans. He similarly acknowledged lying to the Federal Emergency Management Agency when he stated he had masks “stored securely in our climate control warehouse located in VA and PA,” according to his plea agreement.

A beginner’s guide to building your own PC

Building your own PC from scratch gives you the freedom to choose the exact specifications you want, and it often saves money as well. However, the idea can be daunting. You...

A Breakdown Of Mike Tyson’s $40K A Month Weed Habit

On a recent podcast, Mike Tyson revealed that at Tyson Ranch—the boxer’s soon-to-be marijuana farm and resort—they smoke $40,000 worth of weed a month. Most folks responded with two reactions, one...

The 10 Coolest Neighborhoods in Bangkok

The 10 Coolest Neighborhoods in Bangkok. A number of different factors come into play when deciding on the best neighborhoods in Bangkok. Whether it is nightlife, history, or delicious eats visitors...

Could Bobbie Hold 2 Spaceships Together in The Expanse?

Is there a better sci-fi show than The Expanse? It’s possible, but I think this one has a great balance between story telling and accurate physics. Sure, it’s not perfect—but each episode contains a lot of really cool science. Let’s look at a scene in Season 5 Episode 6: Tribes. I’m not going to spoil the whole episode, so let me just give you the important details. Bobbie and Alex are in the Razorback—a smaller and super fast (high acceleration) ship.

The Wilds Is Lost With Whip-Smart Teen Drama

Like its spiritual predecessor, Amazon’s new show is full of secrets. Unlike it, the series doesn’t get bogged down in solving mysteries. What would you do if you wound up stranded on a deserted island? Would you gather your fellow survivors around a conch shell? Shout for help? Build a hut? Or would you carve a pointy end onto a stick and take it from there?

Cannabis, Alzheimer’s And Hope Are On The Horizon

CBD is getting all of the attention these days, and with that comes intense scrutiny. Does it really work? Are its claims bogus? Will the FDA ever fully accept it? But one...

The FTC Cracks Down on Bot-Wielding Ticket Scalpers

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. To commemorate the outgoing Donald Trump's four years in office, we took a look at the most absurd, bizarre, or outright dangerous things Trump has said about cybersecurity. (At least he's not saying them on Facebook or Twitter anymore.)