5 Types Of Marijuana To Reduce Your Stress

Sometimes the best remedy for super stress is to take in a big breath and exhale a cloud of a good, balanced strain of bud smoke or vapor to bring things back into perspective. It’s a known cure for a case of the mean reds, which are even more stressful than the blues, according to Audrey Hepburn’s beloved character Holly Golightly. Though indicas are known to be such relaxants that they can give a user couch-lock, that doesn’t necessarily mean that being really stoned and a little sleepy is going to cure your stress. In fact, it could lead to a stress filled binge-fest in fact. (Though an original, pure Afgan is definitely a relaxant that won’t have you incapacitated when used in moderation, as are a few of the below mentioned.) A high octane sativa may or may not be the ticket, depending on your body. Everyone is different. The following types of cannabis are hybrids bred with stress and anxiety in mind, and are listed in no particular order of efficacy, as again, everyone responds to cannabis in their own way. White Widow This classic, resin rich strain grows big, plentiful buds for a sativa dominant hybrid and thus is popular among growers and usually available at a dispensary. It’s an energizing strain that’s uplifting as well as having a slightly head high. You might get a little spacey, not too much, but perhaps just enough to breathe through whatever’s gotten your goat. Jack Herer Photo by AntonioGuillem/Getty Images RELATED: Using CBD Oils To Battle Anxiety & Depression During COVID-19 Another long time winner, Jack Herer is a well balanced hybrid that leans slightly more toward the sativa side. Because it is such a versatile, clear headed strain, it’s used for everything from PTSD to social anxiety to, of course, stress. It also has a rich history in its namesake, regarding hemp and cannabis activist Jack Herer, who penned the cannabis proponent’s mandatorily read The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Northern Lights A highly based indica strain (around 95%), Northern Lights has always had a reputation of being very calming, even to the beasts within. It might kick your ass if you smoke a few joints or a full cartridge to your head, but if used sparingly, it’s a great remedy for stressors. It’s another award winning, grower favorite and usually very easily found in states that both do and don’t have marijuana laws in place. Super Lemon Haze Photo by caio_triana via Pixabay RELATED: How Sativa Became The Energy Queen Of Cannabis This amazingly potent and effective strain has 20% indica, just enough to keep the uplifting sativa high while bringing it down a notch to soothe the nerves and calm you down after an especially hard day. Usually covered in kief and with the smell and taste of Lemon Drop candies, it’s as fun to imbibe in as it is an anxiety slayer. Granddaddy Purple This fragrant strain provides a cerebral high that will absolutely melt away stress. A serious indica dominant, its effects are somewhat delayed, but are usually so relaxing that people also use the strain as a sleep aid. This is the one to pull out when the news is bad and you don’t have to drive anywhere.

Should You Buy Bongs From Online Head Shops?

If you are skeptical, having to buy something online can scare you off, be it a new gadget or something as trivial as a case of toilet paper. And when it comes to the online purchase of controversial stuff, like a vaporizer or a bong, it is fair that your guard would rise even more. Let’s be honest, all the misconception circulating about buying bongs online doesn’t help either. From the debate about whether it is legal to risk your privacy, all sorts of doubts may be creeping up your mind. For instance, you might think ordering from an online headshop is a felony and cops are going to knock at your door the minute they get wind of it. To clear up these doubts, we are going to explain some of the most circulated myths about buying bongs online. Buying Bongs Online Is Expensive This is probably the most circulated myth about buying bongs online. While to a person who depended his whole life on traditional head shops for weed, buying online might seem expensive and more troublesome. Besides, people hardly want to trust a new supplier; they would rather stick with what is familiar to them. However, buying bongs online can turn out to be cheaper than a brick and mortar head shop. Best Online Head Shop can stock high-quality bongs and dab rigs in large quantities by partnering with trusted manufacturers. Their stocks might be richer and more diverse than a traditional head shop. This ultimately results in the low price of bongs without compromising the quality. Buying Bongs Online Is Illegal Weed, tobacco, bongs, and all the stuff related to recreational drugs has this stigma attached to them: they are illegal, people who use them go to jail, and whatnot. It is completely understandable considering that most states have yet to legalize their use. Even the most progressive states are delaying coming forward and declaring them legal. Apart from the law, cannabis or recreational use is still taboo in some parts of our society. However, regardless of the legal status of recreational drug use in your state, ordering from an online head shop is in no way illegal. As long as you are of legal age and will not use them for any illegal purpose, the law can’t stop you from buying them online. The same law that allows you to buy liquor doesn’t prohibit you from buying bongs online. Photo by secret agent mike/Getty Images The Product Quality Will Not Be Up To The Mark This is a regular dilemma for ordering any products online. Many sites are swarming with knock-off products and it is hard to tell them apart until they are in your hand. Unfortunately for the online purchase of bongs, some crooked online head shops can trick you into buying cheaper and inferior stuff. RELATED: How To Buy Legal Weed Online You will only have the chance of being tricked into buying a low-quality bong if you buy from a mediocre head shop that promises a cheaper deal. However, for customer satisfaction, an authorized online head shop will always provide good quality products using the latest technological solution. You Will Have To Wait a Long Time For Your Product Trusted online head shops have certain policies regarding shipment time and security. Most of them provide a three-five workdays shipment deal; it depends on the location that you want it delivered. Some online head shops even provide shipment facilities within 24 hours. Apart from fast delivery they also have strict protocols about the safety of your product. Bongs and vaporizers have a delicate glass structure that needs careful handling. With multiple changes of hand during the whole shipment process, your product will likely undergo some rough handling, especially if it is from a less than stellar online supplier. However, with a first-tier online head shop, you can rest assured that your product will be handled with utmost care. Photo by Westend61/Getty Images Your Privacy Will Be At Risk Whenever we are making a payment online, we have this irrational fear of getting our privacy or identity stolen. This might not be completely irrational, but these cases are rare. If you stick with trusted websites, there is less chance of it happening. Online head shops are regulated by law to prevent any privacy breach or identity theft through the banking information you provide while purchasing. Besides, the best online head shop will ensure that your product will face no scrutiny at any point of shipment, as it will be discreetly packed. Even your delivery man or your nosy neighbor will fail to guess what’s inside the package. No Return or Exchange Option A transparent return policy is part of the business ethics of a trusted online retailer. There might be cases when the customer is unsatisfied with the purchase or wants something different. A legitimate online head shop will readily agree to return or exchange that product according to their return policy. RELATED: Bongs Vs. Water Pipes: Which Produces A Smoother Smoke Sesh? They will also ensure the client gets an exchange within the fastest possible time and with the least complication in the whole process. However, no online head shop or any online shop for that matter will accept a used product. No Personalized Experience Your local head shop supplier might be very familiar (and trustworthy) to you, but they only can do so much when it comes to providing a knowledgeable opinion about the diverse world of vaporizers. Authentic online head shops have all sorts of vaping experts who can answer all of your queries. Besides, trained customer service and live chats are available for your service at any time you want. If you want to experiment with something new or branch out from your comfort zone, the online head shops have a plethora of knowledge for you. To add to that, most of these online shops have separate platforms for customers where you can share your ideas with like-minded people. The Bottom Line People have a general apprehension when buying stuff online, even more so if it’s anything related to recreational drugs. While shady online head shops are to be blamed for this bad rep, the unassuming clients who order without checking the website’s credibility are also partly responsible. Now that you know buying bongs from an online head shop is neither expensive nor illegal, if you ever decide to buy bongs online, make sure you buy only from the best and authorized online head shop. This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.

Weed, Booze, Sex And Other Consumer Trends Likely To Continue In 2021

By Andrew Ward The pandemic helped vice businesses surge, or at least stave off the catastrophic downturns that other markets experienced. With so many consumers staying home in accordance with social-distancing measures, they turned to new and familiar vices to cope. As a result, 2020’s market projections were thrown for a loop — setting the stage for a prosperous 2021. Cannabis, Alcohol And Sex Cannabis sales soared in 2020. According to Leafly, nationwide sales of medical and adult-use marijuana increased by 67% over 2019. That means Americans purchased $17.9 billion in cannabis products over the past calendar year. That’s $7.2 billion more than the $10.7 billion in sales from 2019! The alcoholic beverage space outperformed 2020 expectations, but still saw global figures decline. Analysis firm IWSR reported that the market declined by 8% in 2020, less than the previously projected double-digit drop. Alcohol e-commerce surged in 2020 due to lockdown measures, increasing 40% across ten countries, including the U.S., U.K, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Australia. The U.S. sexual wellness market also saw significant growth. Per Grand View Research, the sector hovered $9.1 billion in 2019. It’s projected to grow at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027. The report noted that the pandemic reduced stigmas around sex acts like masturbation, prompting consumers to purchase toys to enhance sexual experiences. Sexual wellness operators expect the acceptance of sex and sexuality to continue to rise, but replicating the previous year’s performance may be difficult. Joe Vela, co-founder and CEO of sex tech brand Emojibator, says company revenue increased 83% between 2019 and 2020. He said the company is developing new products, lines and securing partnerships in an attempt to outdo itself this year. “In 2020, we saw the trends towards celebrity-endorsed sex toy brands and subscription-based social media like OnlyFans which point towards changing attitudes of sexuality,” Vela says. Photo by Basil MK via Pexels Tobacco And Gambling Tobacco figures varied. Sales have declined for years, and continue to decline, according to Reuters. Some countries, including the U.K., saw a spike in people attempted to quit smoking, and sales in South Africa declined as the government banned sales for five months. In the U.S., because people were staying home and typically spending less money on things like gasoline, they opted to buy more conventional cigarettes instead of e-cigarettes. RELATED: Marijuana Is Replacing Alcohol During The Pandemic And May Have Long Term Benefits Gambling also saw varied numbers as one or more rounds of closures affected casinos across several markets, according to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker. After posting six months of gains, the U.S. market took a dip once again in November, with revenue declining 14.8%, or $2.92 billion, for the month. The decline attributed to a 1.1% deterioration in retail sales from the previous month and fewer weekends than in previous years. Online gambling, however, could see a spike in 2021. “With relaxed regulations in multiple states, there is potential for exponential growth across 2021 and 2022,” Lazhar Ichir, founder of gambling education platform BETANDBEAT, says. Photo by MAHDI HAJIZADEH via Unsplash Operators Project Positive Results Operators and investors appear optimistic for another successful year due to a combination of the pandemic, shifting public sentiment and possible regulatory changes. Brand investor firm Vice Ventures Founding Partner Catharine Dockery credits the shift in the market due to changing attitudes across the board, from a growing public acceptance of cannabis to increased body positivity. “That’s a big trend that will continue in 2021,” Dockery says of the shifting public views. David Farris, VP of sales and marketing for Las Vegas’ Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTCQX:PLNHF), said that cannabis has shown that industry growth is possible even during the pandemic. RELATED: COVID-19 Pandemic Is Increasing Global Demand For Marijuana Farris cited plans for a superstore expansion in Santa Ana, California. That growth comes despite COVID restrictions. “As these restrictions lift, I believe tourism and traveling will restore, and we will come back stronger than ever,” he adds. Photo by farmer images/Getty Images Psilocybin Will ‘Have A Moment’ Dockery is bullish, but warns that investing in any vice comes with regulatory risks. “It is really important to work with people who are aware of that risk,” Dockery says of potential partners and investments. In addition to the current slew of vices, Dockery is optimistic for therapeutic drugs. “Psilocybin is going to have a moment,” she says, adding that she also has high hopes for additional treatments, such as ketamine. This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.

Understanding The Timeline Of A Marijuana High

Whether you’re looking for an immediate feeling of euphoria or easing anxiety and pain, the timeline of how long marijuana has to take effect depends on many factors. From type of plant to amount ingested, how frequently you partake to medicines you already have in your body, marijuana can affect everyone’s body differently. My420Tours believes multiple factors come into play when discussing a high and how long THC takes to enter and create an effect in the human body. They explain that it comes down to: How it’s consumed The quantity consumed The quality of the product Strains being ingested Your body’s metabolism Tolerance According to a 2017 Vice article,Dr. Aury Holtzman explained that over time, marijuana plants, like indica and sativa, have evolved their DNA to contain terpenes. Terpenes are like the fingerprint of a plant’s smell and strain- they affect potency and which “high” you feel. According to Dr. Holtzman, indica offers a body high while sativa seems to offer a head high. Just as the timeline differs from person-to-person, often there are different sensations relating to how each individual experiences a marijuana high. Photo courtesy Simple Accessories Sacred.Garden believes highs can also differ by whether edibles are taken on an empty stomach, or if other medicines are involved. They explain it like this: “THC is typically oil-soluble. However, the digestive process makes THC water-soluble. As a result, it can end up being far more potent and last much longer. The intensity of an edible high can be magnified by how it’s experienced. Edibles can result in a body high, as opposed to the head high that comes with smoking.” RELATED: How To Come Down From A Marijuana High Quickly Smoking or ingesting marijuana through a joint or e-cig seems to offer the quickest reaction as cannabinoids go directly into the user’s lungs and, in most cases, can be felt within a few minutes. When gummies or baked goods are swallowed, the stomach breaks down the compounds while the liver converts the compounds. Often the feeling of reaction to marijuana comes slower, around a half-hour. RELATED: Cannabis 101: How Long Will You Be This High? Medicines you may be already taking can also create uncertainty in timing with marijuana as well. A 2018 study published in the journal Medicinesfound that limited data showcased the possibility of medicine reactions, but more research was needed. The study cited that, “There is still limited data on significant drug interactions caused by medicinal cannabis. Thus, the evidence-based clinical guidelines on interactions of drugs with medicinal cannabis are still lacking.” Until research catches up, it’s always wise to start slowly with marijuana consumption to see how your body and brain react.

Canada’s Ultimate Travel Safety Guide For Weed Lovers

The legal status of weed in Canada is perhaps the best thing that cannabis enthusiasts may have come across in recent years. Buying and consuming cannabis is easy if you are past the legal age, but there are still several province-specific regulations you need to follow. You must be all the more careful if planning to travel around the country with your stash because you will not want to get into legal hassles when away from home. Whether you plan to drive or jet to a destination of your choice, here is a cannabis user’s travel safety guide that will keep you on the right side of the law. Watch your age The legal age for buying and using marijuana in the country varies from province to province, so you need to know your facts right before stepping out. It is 19 years for most provinces, though the age ranges from 18 to 21 years across the country. If you plan to travel to another province or territory, invest in some research to find the legally permissible age at your destination. Ensure that you are allowed to buy or consume weed there, or you may land into trouble for being under-aged. Check how much you can carry If you use recreational marijuana, the permitted limit you can carry is up to 30g of dry form, whether you pack it in your checked luggage or carry-on. You can pack only up to 100mL of cannabis oil in your carry-on baggage, and it is also subject to general liquid restrictions. You may take along a greater amount but only with a medical marijuana prescription for documentary evidence that you use it for medicinal purposes. Proper documents are essential if you do not want to encounter any hassles. Choose a 420-friendly accommodation  Despite the legal status of cannabis in the country, not all hotels and vacation homes allow guests to consume it on their premises. Before you embark on a trip, make sure that you book a weed-friendly destination. Thankfully, there are options where you can easily order marijuana online and get it delivered while you stay. You can explore a specialized weed retreat that offers cannabis on its wellness menu. Researching your options online before planning a trip is a good idea. RELATED: Growing Pains: What’s Next For The Cannabis Industry In Canada Photo by Sahil via Pexels Be careful while driving  As road trips become a popular option for travel buffs in the country, cannabis lovers are increasingly opting for them. However, you must be extra careful about steering clear of cannabis when behind the wheel. Store your stash in the trunk for extra safety and use it only once you are in your hotel room. While driving under the influence is dangerous for you and others on the road, it can get you heavy penalties and even jail time. It is the last thing you will want to happen when you are on vacation. RELATED: COVID Might Be The Least Of Your Worries If Traveling With Weed   While these regulations and guidelines apply to travelers within the country, you cannot carry it to and fro the border because it is illegal. Stay updated on the current travel guidelines and regulations at your destination, pack appropriately, and follow the rules, and you are good to go! This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.

From Job Loss To Obesity: Can Marijuana Help?

Can marijuana offer life-changing benefits? Karisa Nashana Sikora thinks so. Recently sharing her story with Practical Pain Management, she described how medical marijuana offered her the ability to truly live fully again. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia after the birth of her son, Karisa didn’t immediately think of marijuana. In fact, she had many concerns that it might be addictive, or diminish her capacities as a wife and mother. Karisa shared that marijuana wasn’t just a remedy, but a friend. “Medical marijuana isn’t something I find myself using every day, but rather, a dependable ‘friend’ I turn to a few times a week when I know I need to break the cycle. I feel so blessed.  I would recommend trying cannabis to anyone who struggles and feels as though there is no relief, no answers.” Could marijuana offer support in ways we don’t even recognize yet? Here are some examples of how marijuana can assist with common lifestyle challenges:  Job Loss Losing a job can come with many emotions, and while you navigate to a new workplace, marijuana might help with anxiety. However, keep in mind that drug testing and confusion in HR policies can put you at risk if you’re using marijuana in a workplace that doesn’t approve. Photo by Tim Gouw via Unsplash RELATED: The Truth About MMJ Card Protection In Employment According to NOLO,  Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Delaware have protections in place for medical marijuana users, but you could potentially risk losing your job for the effects of marijuana while in your workplace. NOLO says it’s best to contact an employment lawyer to get the facts in your particular state before you light up or bite down. Obesity With over 70 million adults in the U.S. classified as obese, researchers are looking to new ways to help decrease diseases often associated with obesity, such as heart attacks, diabetes, and certain type of cancer. Can marijuana fight obesity? We covered a study in 2018 that found an interesting correlation: Women who used marijuana had a lower BMI by 3.1%.  Photo by Clementa Moreno/EyeEm/Getty Images Grief From losing a loved one to breakups, grief filters into our everyday life in unexpected ways and often can present itself as anxiety or frustration. Esra Green wrote in 2017 that after the death of his mother, marijuana helped quell his negative emotions so he could work and stay focused, allowing him to power-through a to-do list during a writer’s retreat. Also found to help with traumatic brain injuries, marijuana’s effects can improve cognitive function when the brain isn’t at its best.  Photo by rawpixel.com RELATED: How To Practice Gratitude In Times Of Grief And Uncertainty For every story like Karisa’s there are several questions about marijuana’s potential for helping certain medical issues or challenges. The problem is, there’s not enough research on the market to assess if marijuana can offer relief for each individual. The best course of action for any individual to take regarding understanding if marijuana or CBD is an option, is to speak to their health care professional. 

Can You Guess The Time Of Year When People Are Least Likely To...

For most people, marijuana use ebbs and flows. There are weeks were you smoke a lot and others where you’re busy doing other things. New research looking into drug use over the course of a year suggests that there’s some seasonal variation; while every person’s relationship with marijuana is personal and different, there’s an arc that a lot of us follow. A study recently published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that marijuana use drops during the start of the year and increases periodically as the seasons pass by 13%. Researchers theorize that this fluctuation might be influenced by New Year’s resolutions. “We found that marijuana use is consistently higher among those surveyed later in the year, peaking during late fall or early winter before dropping at the beginning of the following year. We think this may be due, in part, to a ‘Dry January’ in which some people stop drinking alcohol or even stop using marijuana as part of a New Year’s resolution,” said Joseph Palamar, associate professor at NYU’s School of Medicine and lead author of the study. “We’re now in the time of year when people are the least likely to use marijuana.” Photo by rawpixel.com Data was compiled by Palamar and his colleagues, who analyzed responses from over 200,000 adolescents and adults who responded to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health between 2014-2019. RELATED: Survey Says America’s Favorite Way To Kick Opiates Is Cannabis The survey included questions like past month marijuana use, other substances consumed and more, allowing researchers to draw up drug estimates through the different quarters of the year. In all years, as the months progressed, marijuana use rose. This rise was present in almost all demographics, no matter the age, gender, ethnicity and education level of participants. The one exception was teens, who consumed more marijuana during the summer and showed drops during the remaining months of the year. RELATED: How To Use Marijuana In Ways That Are Eco-Friendly Aside from being interesting, this kind of data is helpful for many reasons. Cannabis studies of this type provide orientation for researchers who want to know more about people’s drug use and behaviors, for the correct timing of drug addiction programs, and for marijuana users who may want to keep an eye on the amount of weed the consume during the winter.

A Cannabis Grower’s Advice On Choosing The Right Strain

If you have just started your journey with cannabis, the choice of the right strain will be the most overwhelming part. You will be surprised to see the variety on display at most dispensaries and online stores, and deciding on the face value is more challenging than you imagine. It is something you need to learn because your experience depends on this selection. While strains can be confusing in the beginning, you can master them eventually and learn to pick the ones that promise the most incredible results. However, some guidance can take you a long way initially. Here is a cannabis grower’s advice that can guide you about choosing the right strain. Know the basics First and foremost, you need to understand the attributes that make a weed strain unique. The plant contains different cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the most significant ones. High-THC strains make you high, while those having more CBD are not intoxicating. You need to consider the THC-CBD ratio to pick a product that suits your needs. Another aspect to know is the terpene content, which gives a strain its characteristic aroma and flavors. Terpenes also support the effects of cannabinoids. Once you know these basics, you can choose a strain option according to your expectations. Consider your objective While the profile of a cannabis strain is vital when it comes to picking the best option, you also need to consider the objective for consuming it. Cannabis works for medicinal or recreational purposes. While some strains offer extensive medicinal benefits for specific conditions, others have a recreational appeal. Yet others deliver on both fronts. RELATED: Why You Didn’t Get The Cannabis Strain You Think You Did For example, wedding cake strain is great for relieving mental issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It also offers a sedative and relaxed feeling if you only want to use it for recreational purposes. Your medical marijuana doctor will recommend a specific strain depending on your condition. Alternatively, you can seek advice from a budtender too. Photo by Add Weed via Unsplash Check the potency Cannabis growers also recommend checking the potency of the strain before you start using it for your objective. Potency refers to the concentration of cannabinoids, particularly THC, in a weed strain. The ones with a higher potency give a more intense experience as compared to those with a lower potency. While you check the potency, you also need to be aware of your tolerance levels so that you do not end up getting intoxicated with a product you cannot handle. RELATED: How Sativa Became The Energy Queen Of Cannabis Apart from the composition and effects of specific strains, another factor determining the choice is your budget. They come at different price points, from budget-friendly to high-end, and you need to opt for one that does not burn a hole in the pocket. Still, it makes sense to spend a little more on a strain that gets you a step closer to your expectations and delivers the benefits you look for. Finally, patience is the key when it comes to picking a strain that works for you. It is often a trial and error process, and you only get better with time. This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.

12 Ways To Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling A Joint

For many of us, smoking marijuana is synonymous with rolling joints. Many of us don’t really know what other alternatives there are other than a joint. You may also find situations when there are no smoking papers available for joints, so you can buy alternatives that are both convenient and enjoyable for you. Do these alternatives have the same effect as rolling joints? There are wide ranges of alternatives to rolling joints. Besides, a few of them are more convenient to use and are popular choices, too. Let’s find more about these options. Bongs Photo by vladans/Getty Images Bongs are a more convenient and easy to use option for cannabis smoking. It can make you high quickly. The only thing you need is water. This is also the only negative; the water could spill out from bong, or the water might be unavailable. Bongs come with different materials like glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and most popularly bamboo. Bongs also differ in terms of design. These include percolator bongs, carburetor bongs, gravity bongs, straight tube bongs, multi-chambered bongs, and much more. Pipes Photo by Bill Oxford/Getty Images Pipes are the most basic tool for marijuana lovers. It is more stylish, trendier, and cheaper than other options. These options are easy to use and carry. Pipes can have different sizes and shapes. Other than that, pipes like these are made from different materials like glass, wood, clay, and even metal. It is pretty simple to use pipes. Just grind the cannabis and cover the little hole of your pipe with your thumb or index finger. Now, use a lighter to run the flame over your weed. Inhale and relax. RELATED: Marijuana Overdose: Don’t Freak Out, It’s Only Cannabis Some people make mistakes about positioning the lighter in smoking. You have to place the lighter over the top of the bowl until the weed is able to lit on its own. The other major mistake is exhaling with your mouth on the pipe. This can blow weeds out of the bowl. That is a complete waste of your marijuana grind. In modern days, glass pipes are getting popular. That is because they are see-through and don’t get as hot as metal pipes. Also, glass pipes hit really clean and there is no difference in cannabis taste. Though they are expensive and can break apart, you will find more diverse and coolest designs in glass pipes. Dab Rings Photo by wikimedia user VaporVanity.com This is for extremely potent marijuana extracts. You can try budder, honeycomb, or shatter-like extracts with dab rings. It concentrates extracts by using the vaporization method. Because of the extreme potency, dab rings can take your high to all-new levels. Dab rings do not need lighters; instead, blow torches work great for dab rings. As dab rings exclude combustion, it is much healthier than other methods. You will also find its vapor purer than regular cannabis smoke. Bubbler Photo by secret agent mike/Getty Images A bubbler is a kind of a mix between a bong and a pipe. The unit is small and easy to handle — just like a pipe. Besides, it can make you high quickly, similar to bongs. Most bubblers are made with glass. Bubblers have round chambers either on the sides or at the bottom. RELATED: What Is The Best Way To Consume Medical Marijuana? Bubblers are also unique as they have a chamber containing water. The smoke produced by weed passes through this chamber and cools a bit, which gives users a fresh taste of marijuana. Bubblers also have variants, though. The most common types are hammer bubblers, pendate bubblers, double bubblers, and sherlock bubblers. Gravity Bongs A gravity bong or water bong is a very popular way to smoke cannabis at home. It is quite easy if you know the techniques. All you need is some simple, accessible materials for this. Let’s find how to try this at home. Use a box cutter to cut a plastic bottle into two pieces. Now use aluminum foil to wrap the mouth hole so that it gets the shape of a bowl. Poke 3 to 4 holes in the aluminum for airflow. Now fill a container with water and place the bottle in that container. Place it so that mouthpieces stay above the waterline. Place weed on the foil. Now, light things up. Make sure you pull the bottle a bit upward while you are lighting it. This will fill smoke quickly. Lastly, push the bottle back into the water. This will push smoke upward, and you are ready for marijuana smoke. Corn Husks Corn husks are a very popular alternative to rolling papers. Corn husks are natural, and many people choose this as a healthier option. In fact, people in Jamaica and Latin America prefer this as their first option. Before trying to smoke with it, make sure the husk you want to use is dry and clean. Also, corn husks provide a natural flavor of cannabis smoke. Corn husks are natural fibers with regular stripes. These hold marijuana extracts more tightly to its surface. In the case of corn husks, experts believe, it is better to smoke slowly to indulge more with marijuana flavors. Soda Can Photo by George Hodan via publicdomainpictures This is another simple and easy method of weed smoking. Convert the soda can to a complete smoking device. Make some holes on the crease and a crab on the other side of it. Add some ground-up marijuana inside and light it. Now you can inhale the weed through a mouthpiece. RELATED: 8 Ways to Enjoy Marijuana Without Smoking It Though soda can work as a great smoking device, it has some health hazards to count. The aluminum of its can may not be safe as an aluminum foil. Besides, soda cans have inks painted on its surface. When you are heating weed on a soda can these inks will melt and can release chemicals to your weed. Other than that, some people smoke directly from the soda can. Soda might have residual caffeine and sugar molecules. These can make you high beyond your expectations. So, try soda can sparingly but not as a regular method. Apples Photo by Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels This is probably the easiest of all methods where fruit can help you to get high on cannabis. Jam a pen or a screwdriver in the apple to make a tunnel from the top and side of an apple. Make sure the tunnels connect to each other. Line the apple with aluminum foil and poke aluminum foil into the holes. Place the weed on aluminum foil and start to light it. Now, inhale the smoke from the side hole. You can try a similar process of fruits like guava, avocado, pear or with dragon fruits. There is a lot to experiment with. But, do not try with juicy fruits, that can spoil a lot more of your marijuana extract. Hot Knives This is a century-old method of smoking. The method is a simple and effective way to quickly inhale cannabis smoke. You need two knives and a stove or a candle for this. Heat the knives to medium heat and make sure you don’t burn your palms near handles. After a few minutes of heating, place a piece of bud or some cannabis extract on one and squeeze it between two knives. This will produce smoke quickly, and you just need to inhale. Rose Blunts Though it is not a popular method, many people choose this as an alternative. Take three rose petals and heat them in a pan for ten seconds. After heating them, lick the petals and add ground weed to make your blunt. If needed, you can give another ten seconds of heat in the oven for a better rose blunt. Do not overheat the petals, or else they can dry to a crisp. That can create problems when rolling. Make sure, petals have some moisture after heating so that they roll the best rose blunt. Hookah Pipes Photo by Awesome Sauce Creative via Unsplash This is a popular smoking device in the Middle East and in parts of the Indian subcontinent. Hookah pipes also account for an elite form of weed smoking. Smoking cannabis out of hookah pipe may sound complicated but in reality it is much easier. To get started you need coal, aluminum foil, tongs, water, and obviously the hookah pipe. You can also add shisha of different flavors to make it more tasty. You can mix the weed with tobacco or shisha and place it at the bottom of the flask. Make sure, you place the cannabis on the top so that it does dry up quickly in the smoking process. Hookahs have a larger bowl which makes it an ideal option for group smoking. Other than that, it has the least risk of teeth staining and you will get the fresh smell of cannabis leaves. Plastic Lung Plastic lung resembles the same airflow functionality as bongs. It is also a process to make you extremely high. To make a plastic lung, you need aluminum foil, scissor, tape, and a 2-liter bottle. Let’s find how to make it in simple steps. First, cut the container into half. Now, use tape to attach a plastic bag to the bottom half of this container. Secondly, wrap aluminum foil around the mouthpiece in such a way so it forms a bowl shape. Thirdly, pierce some holes on aluminum foil before you put marijuana on it. Finally, Light the weed and pull the bag to create suction. Lift off the foil once the bag gets full. You are now ready to inhale. Final Verdict There are different ways to get high with marijuana. Rolling a joint is not the only option. In fact, you should try different methods to make things interesting. This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.

Delta-8 THC: Benefits, How It Works And Scientific Evidence

Delta-8 THC has caught the attention of many in recent years. Although still in the shadow of much more popular and widely used Delta-9 THC and CBD, this cannabinoid is promising something completely new and unseen before, with its own set of benefits. Although it’s still rising in popularity and products are only becoming available, it’s useful to know some necessary information about Delta-8. So, here you’ll find all about what is Delta-8 THC, how it works, and what are its benefits and effects. Then, you can decide whether this cannabinoid is the right choice for you or not. However, most people praise Delta-8 THC for being the perfect cannabinoid providing ultimate relaxation without paranoia or increased anxiety. About Delta 8-THC Delta-8 THC is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids available in the cannabis plant. Like Delta-9 THC and CBD, Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid, or a natural chemical, found in cannabis plants. Although Delta-9 and CBD are much more prevalent in use, and thus more studied and researched, recently, other cannabinoids received a considerable amount of attention and got fellow cannabis lovers interested. One of them is Delta-8 THC, or a weaker version of the notorious Delta-9. Although people often disregard Delta-8 as the same thing as Delta-9, these two cannabinoids are chemically different, thus providing variations in effect. However, scientists researched Delta-8 and 9 to find the differences between the two and how they function in our body. Ultimately, Delta-8 THC is unique and provides its set of benefits. Although similar to Delta-9, there is a crucial contrast relating to side-effects that separates these two cannabinoids. Photo byanankkml/Getty Images How Delta-8 THC Works Delta-8 THC has a unique molecular structure that responds to the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system placed throughout the human body and provides a specific effect. Namely, Delta-8 has a double bond on the eighth carbon chain, which provides all the positive THC effects, but lacks the psychoactive ones. It achieves this through binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors placed through the human body. CB1 receptors are mainly located in the brain, while CB2 ones can be found through the immune and digestive systems. Because of its molecular structure, Delta-8 THC bonds more to CB2 receptors than CB1 ones, making it have numerous benefits on the body with fewer side-effects influencing the CB1 receptors in the brain. Ultimately, this makes the health benefits of Delta-8 THC stand out while minimizing its psychoactive effects. The Benefits of Delta-8 THC As Delta-8 THC focuses on CB2 receptors, its health benefits are numerous. First, Delta-8 can increase our physical health. It reduces inflammation and alleviates various kinds of pain. Also, it’s often used for stimulating appetite, as it strongly affects CB2 receptors in the digestive system. Furthermore, Delta-8 THC mildly affects CB1 receptors in the brain, meaning it does have psychoactive effects to an extent. However, Delta-8 only has up to 0.3% THC content, thus only partially connecting to CB1 receptors. This is what makes Delta-8 THC less potent but still effective. RELATED: 10 Glorious Cannabinoids In Marijuana And What They Can Do For You Because of that, Delta-8 is an excellent choice for improving mood, treating anxiety, and combating depression without side-effects. Taking even a bit more Delta-9 than usual can increase anxiety and paranoia, which are its main disadvantages. Delta-8 has none of these side-effects, providing a relaxing but clear-headed experience every time. Delta-8 is much easier to control, and people say they often feel a sense of clarity, more focus, and the ability to breeze through their daily tasks. The light effect on CB1 receptors is perfect for easing the mind. However, pay attention not to overdo it. Photo by kermy via Pixabay Scientific Evidence Delta-8 THC wasn’t as researched in the past as some other cannabinoids. However, recent studies try to shed some more light on this valuable cannabinoid. In this study, scientists discovered the less harmful psychoactive effects of Delta-8 when compared to Delta-9 THC. Here, it was also discovered Delta-8 had a beneficial impact on people fighting cancer as it combated various chemotherapy side-effects such as nausea and vomiting. RELATED: What Is Delta-8-THC And What Are The Medicinal Benefits? Further studies showed an increased appetite stimulation Delta-8 THC had in a series of experiments conducted on mice. Additionally, it affected food consumption without any side-effects connected to THC. Conclusion All in all, it’s safe to say Delta-8 THC is getting more and more attention from both scientists and users. The main step in favor of Delta-8 was in 2018 when the US Farm Bill legalized all THC content up to 0.3%, Delta-8 included. Finally, for decades, people have been talking about the numerous health benefits Delta-8 can deliver without any side-effects often connected to cannabinoids. This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.