Legalizing Marijuana Is Good For The Environment

Cannabis has medical benefits, it better for your body than alcohol and can calm anxiety – and with larger legalization would be better for the planet

Marijuana is increasing popular and consumer use is creeping up. Gen Z is drifting away from alcohol and embracing weed as a healthy alternative. Michigan just had a $3 … Read the rest

Unlicensed Shops in NYC Are Doing Better Well

Cannabis isn’t fresh to New York. Long before recreational (or adult-use) cannabis was legalized in 2021, there was a thriving underground cannabis market that supplied the Empire State. Decades of criminalization did not stop the spread of cannabis across the state, with New Yorkers developing a robust illicit market known for famed strains like Sour … Read the rest

Top Brands of 2023

It’s tough to make it in weed these days, but these brands show us that they can survive and thrive. Here are the cannabis companies that came out on top for us in 2023.

Dee Thai

Courtesy Dee Thai

These solventless rosin edibles break the mold of traditional gummy flavors through the incorporation of tropical … Read the rest

A Guide To Your First Marijuana Dab

Like tequila – there are beginners and experience drinkers….each having their own journey.  In the cannabis world you have people who microdose gummies and those who want a deeper, stronger experience by dabbing. Dabbing is thought to produce a greater high than smoking marijuana. Compared to other marijuana consumption methods, dabbing delivers one of the … Read the rest

How To Microdose Marijuana

There is a school of thought lower doses of THC paired with a full spectrum cannabinoid profile may be a beneficial therapeutic solution

Microdosing is a new trend covered by everyone from The NY Times to Rolling Stone.  While more research needs to be done, it seems to beneficial.  While psychedelics started the trend, … Read the rest

Dry Farming in Humboldt

A small region along the Eel River in Humboldt County allows cultivators to grow cannabis without ever watering their plants.

Dry farms are rare in California, but the results people like Chrystal Ortiz of High Water Farm are able to pull off without watering their cannabis plants all summer are pretty amazing. Sure it takes … Read the rest

More Than 10% of Older Americans Have Used Cannabis in the Last Year

After analyzing available survey data, researchers at the University of Michigan said that 12.1% of adults in the United States aged 50-80 reported using cannabis in the past year.

“Among those who reported cannabis use, 34.2% reported using cannabis products 4 or more days per week,” the researchers said.

The researchers analyzed data extracted … Read the rest

Germany Eyes April 2024 for Cannabis Legalization

The Germany’s coalition government called the Traffic Light coalition, which combines individuals from the Social Democratic Party, Free Democratic Party, and The Greens, reportedly reached an agreement for cannabis regulation on Nov. 27. These recent discussions estimate that cannabis legalization could take effect starting on April 1, 2024, with social cannabis clubs potentially allowed … Read the rest

First time smoking weed? Start here

Any varsity stoner will tell you that now is a great time to get into cannabis. With recreational legalization sweeping the States, an introduction to cannabis no longer necessitates a clandestine search for a reliable dealer. Instead, novice users are faced with an abundance of cultivars bred for astronomical highs, sometimes intrusively knowledgeable budtenders, and … Read the rest