10 most famous photos of all time

This is the very first photograph ever taken. The scientist Nicéphore Niépce (1765-1833) was enthralled by the burgeoning craze for Lithography and decided to place polished pewter plates coated with a light sensitive chemical called bitumen of Judea inside a camera obscura. Niépce took this famous picture from his house in Saône-et-Loire. The exposure took … Read the rest


Battle Of The Wilderness Facts
Location: Spotsylvania and Orange Counties, Virginia
Dates: May 5-7, 1864
Generals: Union: Lt. Gen Ulysses S. Grant | Confederate: General Robert E. Lee
Soldiers Engaged: Union: 102,000 | Confederate: 61,000
Outcome: Inconclusive
Casualties: Union: 18,400 | Confederate: 11,400

Battle Of The Wilderness Summary: The Battle of the Wilderness began Lt. … Read the rest

The Most Expensive House In The World 2023

Expensive homes across the world are quite impressive not only by their appearances but also because of the luxurious amenities, interiors, and location of the house. Here is the list of the most expensive houses in the world and everyone’s dream place to reside in.

1. Buckingham Palace – $1.3 Billion 

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Located in … Read the rest

Must-see 2024 art exhibitions in Paris

Painting, sculpture, photography, classical art, contemporary art or street art: the array of art exhibitions that will take place in Paris in 2024 is more than impressive! Artalistic is one of the leading online platforms for buying and selling art, we have combed through the lists of upcoming events to bring you the best selection Read the rest

21 most famous eclipses from 3340 B.C. to the modern day

These are Michael Bakich’s picks for the most famous eclipses in history.

Nov. 30, 3340 B.C. – Spiral petroglyphs on the Loughcrew Cairn L Megalithic Monument in Ireland indicate this was the earliest observed solar eclipse for which a record exists.

March 30, 1578 B.C. – The partial solar eclipse that was closer to total … Read the rest

Beginners Guide to the Old Testament Bible Characters

Abraham & Sarah

Abraham and Sarah start off their story in the book of Genesis, chapter 11. They were called Abram and Sarai, but God later changed their names. They were living with Abraham’s father when God called them to go on a journey to a new land where He would prosper them.
When they … Read the rest

100 Best Opening Lines From Children’s Books

Once upon a time…is not the only way to begin a children’s book.L.M. Montgomery opted for a daring 148-word sentence to open her classic Anne of Green Gables, while J. M. Barrie introduced generations of youngsters to Peter Pan with a short, sharp six words. Revisit the most memorable and gripping opening sentences of
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Senegal: Faye – 15 Things to Know About Senegal’s 44-Year-Old President-Elect

Bassirou Diomaye Faye has emerged as Senegal’s President-elect after an unprecedented victory at the presidential election on Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Provisional results showed the opposition candidate, Faye had about 53.7%, while former Prime Minister and ruling coalition’s candidate, Amadou Ba, secured 36.2% based on tallies from 90% of polling stations in the first-round vote, … Read the rest