10 Pop Icons You Probably Didn’t Know Were Marijuana Fans

10 Pop Icons You Probably Didn’t Know Were Marijuana Fans. While some celebrities like Cheech & Chong and Snoop Dogg are well known stoners, here’s a list of other noteworthy figures whose cannabis use hasn’t been as well publicized.

Ben & Jerry

Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

This famous ice cream duo admit to smoking cannabis, and appear to be receptive to creating cannabis infused ice cream flavors once cannabis is legalized at the Federal level.

Bill Gates


While the founder of Microsoft has refused to answer definitively if he has ever smoked cannabis, he did back the 2012 referendum that legalized recreational cannabis in Washington State.

Steve Jobs


The late icon behind Apple had history of using cannabis and LSD In the ‘70s though he claimed he didn’t use cannabis after 1977.

Robert Mitchum


This actor has the distinction of being one of the first Hollywood figures arrested for cannabis use after he got busted in 1948 for smoking a joint.

Carl Sagan


The late scientist was one of the earliest advocates for cannabis legalization, and penned a piece anonymously in 1969 describing the benefits he experienced while using cannabis.

William Shakespeare


The lines “noted weed” and “a journey in his head” that appear in two different Shakespearean sonnets indicate the Bard had at least some knowledge of cannabis’ properties. Also, Researchers found traces of 17th century clay pipes containing cannabis on his property. So clearly Shakespeare or someone else was smoking on his land.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


The Terminator may have told his son recently to skip pot and get high on life. However, Arnold has a long history of using cannabis that indicates the plant helped with his bodybuilding career. Also, during his term as governor, he downgraded the penalty for possessing cannabis.

Queen Victoria

Her private physician prescribed cannabis to help her Royal Majesty deal with her monthly menstrual cramps.

George Washington


In his letters, America’s first president discussed growing hemp, which this Founding Father apparently used to help alienate the pain caused by his dentures. Other presidents who also appeared to have smoked include Bill Clinton, Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James Monroe, Barak Obama, Franklin Pierce, and Zachary Taylor.

In addition, cannabis paraphernalia has been discovered during excavations of Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman sites, and references to cannabis can be found in ancient Chinese writings.