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Cannabis is legal in Washington DC and how to buy it

You’ve heard that cannabis is legal in Washington DC now, but thanks to a rider added to the federal spending budget years ago that prevents the city from spending its own money to set up a retail tax-and-sale program, there’s still no dispensaries you can just walk in and buy weed like Colorado or California or Washington state or…you get the idea. So just how does one get weed in DC? There’s plenty of options, boss!

Mint Julep weed
Mint Julep from Green Label

Weed Delivery & Pick-Up Services

Ok, so some of my favorite folks are the weed delivery and pick-up/meet-up services:

Canamelo DC weed
Sherbet Cookies from Canamelo

In Washington DC, thanks to Initiative 71, adults 21+ are allowed to:

  • Grow up to 6 marijuana plants, only 3 of which may be mature (“flowering”) at a time
  • Possess up to two ounces in public
  • share up to one ounce with another adult 21+
  • But you can’t sell it
  • And you can’t smoke it in public, either; if you’re caught it’s a $25 fine.
  • (You can actually go down to the station and get your weed back if you’re caught smoking in public with less than two ounces. Strange days, indeed.)
  • This only applies on DC-owned land. Cannabis is still federally illegal and around 30% of DC is federal property, like National Parks & government buildings (map) but also federally-subsidized housing

So the way many marijuana delivery services get around the restriction on sales is to sell something else, like tee-shirts, hats, juices, digital art, lunchboxes, all kinds of stuff, then give you marijuana as a free thank you gift (NOTE- I don’t give legal advice, ask Kinner & McGowan!You do not have to be a resident and you don’t need a medical card!

Bagged Buds DC Super Glue marijuana flowers image photography weed DC
Super Glue from Bagged Buds

Just pick a place they can deliver to you, like your residence, hotel, or a nearby cafe, and plan to wait for an hour, two tops- they’ll let you know how long it will be when you order. Some have convenient appointment-setting features (a real time-saver if you can plan in advance) while others offer pick-up (or meet-ups) if that’s more conducive to your hectic, American Psycho/House of Cards/Kardashian lifestyle.

Further details about the best weed delivery services your Gentleman has found in Washington DC can be found right here along with links to every photo and review, but if you’re after today’s freshest flowers, check the Now Available page, old sport. Still have questions? Don’t deny it! I can sense your yearning. Here’s the DC Weed Delivery FAQ page.

FYI, there are few other sites out there that can help you find buds, but I can’t vouch for the reliability or quality of anyone not on this site. Should you wish to step off the Gentleman’s lighted path, you can check out 420dc.comLeafedIn.orgWheresWeed DC, and Be careful with anyone that asks you to pay using an app or Bitcoin or anything you can’t reverse in advance as a First Time Customer! Rip-offs are rare but it is the Wild West out there, pilgrim.

Sour OG Dope City DC weed
Sour OG from Dope City

Medical Marijuana

DC’s medical marijuana program started accepting patients for any condition whatsoever thanks to emergency legislation enacted in 2015. They started accepting out-of-state medical cards in 2018. Your Gentleman, naturally, has some opinions:

Maryland’s medical program is going strong after Year One- visit my Ultimate Guide to Marijuana in Maryland for more info! Want more info on getting your medical marijuana card in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Why, I’ve got a page just for you, my fine friend, step right this way. More reviews? Oh, Beauregard, you flatter me! Right here under the Medical tag.

Grow Your Own

If you consume a lot of cannabis, growing your own is definitely a consideration. A single adult can grow up to 6 plants in Washington DC, only 3 of which can be mature at once (which I presume to mean ‘flowering’). Here’s the rules on growing your own at home. If you do choose to grow, the local head shops and hydroponic shops are a great place to find seeds, sometimes even clones. Check out DC Seed Exchange to find packs from the hottest new micro-breeders!

Marijuana Pop-Up Events

You probably shouldn’t attend these unless you like living dangerously because DC’s pop-up events have been getting raided since 12/23/17 as  reported here and there’s been a Social Use Ban in place pretty much since I71 kicked off. But if you’re going to anyway, you incorrigible little scamp, check out, they keep a listing. Here’s the FAQ I wrote about what you can expect at these marijuana pop-up events. You can find my event brand reviews under the Pop-Up tag.

image Dc platinum flower photography marijuana
Platinum Cookies from DC TeaPad


Storefronts and head shops that have tried gifting have been raided, too, so a lot of them stopped. The first big bust was against an art gallery in Glover Park back in 2016. The last one was in December at a popular spot in Columbia Heights. There a few left knocking around, but they’d rather not be mentioned here.

CBD Shipped to Your Door!

Have you heard about the benefits of a sexy little cannabinoid called CBD and want to try it out yourself? There’s brick and mortar storefronts opening up all over the city since the last Farm Bill legalized hemp as well as a bazillion online companies that’ll ship to you anywhere in the US. I recommend you check out District Hemp! This local CBD-focused health & wellness boutique has a pair of charming storefronts in Leesburg and Manassas (plus they ship!) Here’s my review of their Blueberry CBD Crumble.

Get Outta Town!

The Gentleman is also an avid ganja tourist. You can find marijuana reviews here of products I picked up from a Dispensary while traveling in DenverSeattleLas VegasSan DiegoLos AngelesSan Francisco, and adding more all the time, God bless America. Or at least the parts that won’t throw me in jail just for smoking a doobie. Barbarians.

Stay Informed

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Abatin DC Sour Grapes weed
Sour Grapes from Abatin Wellness