CBD Arnold Palmer drink recipe

It’s taken awhile for CBD drinks to become a thing. But a thing they are.

CBD beverages have a lot going for them. Hot or cold, they enter your bloodstream faster than an edible, and they provide the same full body experience.

“My potables are always chilled with ice cubes that are made with a liquid and fruit that is part of, or compliments, the drink.”

Laurie Wolf, chef, author, edibles maker

As far as compatible flavors, you can enjoy a classic Arnold Palmer with iced tea and lemonade, or you make it high-powered with a cannabis infusion featuring CBD, THC, or both. This drink can also be enjoyed comfortingly warm.

Created by famed golfer whose name, coincidentally, is/was Arnold Palmer, it’s traditionally made from simple black tea and lemonade, but there are as many ways to change it as there are golf balls in the water hole on your favorite golf course. We go with strawberry and basil for the Berry Basil CBD Cocktail below. (Btw, I don’t have a favorite golf course, and I am guessing you don’t either. If you do, count the balls and get back to us.)

A quick summertime rant will address how much I hate when ice melts and dilutes my frosty drink:

Ahem, whether it’s coffee, sangria, or a tea libation, my potables are always chilled with ice cubes that are made with a liquid and fruit that is part of, or compliments, the drink. It’s an easy and perfect solution. If you are making ice cubes with alcohol, expect that the ice may not freeze as solidly, but it should do the trick. If it melts fast, so what, your drink will only get better #Nodilution #CBDfeels #CBDWellness #drinkCBD #CBD4me.

CBD vs THC drink effects

When dealing with CBD from craft hemp, you need not to fear a second glass of tea, there will be no psychoactive effects. As I explain to CBD newbies, you can anticipate a feeling of wellness, but you will not get high and you will not get the munchies.

That’s different than THC, which causes feelings of euphoria, and appetite. On the subject of munchies: when you get them, be prepared with some healthy choices in the house so you don’t do what I did last week. It’s strawberry season in Oregon and I literally ate half a strawberry pie. Don’t do that.

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The effects of CBD are subtle if you have no pain or anxiety, though feeling better is indeed a win. For anxiety or pain management, the results can be dramatic. My preference is to have a bit of THC in my infused foods. But the times that I stick with just craft hemp CBD, I’m delighted with my uplifted mood and lessening of stress. There is no shortage of stress these days.

Infuse with what, exactly?

There are several methods of infusion, from a pure CBD isolate, tinctures, oils, and my current favorite, CBD infused honey. Easy to infuse, a breeze to emulsify, and it lasts a long time. Honey is actually a natural preservative, so no worries about spoilage.

If you don’t have access to infused honey, you can use a 160 mg CBD dose of a tincture, isolate, or oil. Just remember that you may need the full amount of honey.

Berry Basil CBD Cocktail

Yield and dose

Not looking for an extremely potent dose, this recipe serves 8, each with a mild 20 mg dose of CBD. You can adjust the amount of infusion to your preference.


  • 5 white tea bags, I used White Peony from Triple Leaf
  • ¼-1/2 cups honey
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 small can strawberry lemonade concentrate, thawed and divided in half
  • 160 mg CBD infused honey or agave
  • strawberries
  • basil
  • fancy ice*


  1. In a medium saucepan combine the tea bags, honey, and water.
  2. Heat to a gentle simmer for about three minutes. Remove the tea bags.
  3. Add half the juice concentrate and the CBD infusion. Stir until dissolved.
  4. Allow to cool completely**. Pour into a pitcher and add strawberries and basil. Fill the glasses with the fruity cubes and enjoy.

*The fancy ice!

Using an ice cube tray or mold, fill each hole with cut up strawberries and basil. Place the lemonade concentrate into a spouted cup and add 1 cup water. Carefully pour the concentrate over the fruit and basil. Freeze until solid.

**Alternate: Hot CBD Arnold Palmer

If you are interested in a warm version, after step three, divide the mixture into 8 mugs, add a cinnamon stick and an orange slice to each, and serve.