We still don’t recommend scrolling through OnlyFans at work, but the company’s latest product—a new app for Android and iOS—is basically PG-rated.

Until now, the platform known for connecting fans with their favorite NSFW creators has been barred from appearing on Google’s and Apple’s app stores. The workaround: a new product called OFTV that contains a library of over 800 videos featuring the same creators from its site…but with more clothing.

  • For instance, OFTV users can watch the original series Unlocked, which features candid chats with famous OnlyFans creators including Mia Khalifa and Bella Thorne.

OFTV won’t make any money

At least not directly. Instead, the app will act as a marketing vehicle for the main website experience. And while OFTV won’t ditch the adult creators who drove OnlyFans’s revenue up 553% last year, the app will also feature chefs, pilates instructors, and podcasters.

Why? The OFTV app is part of OnlyFans’s ongoing push to more closely align itself with other fan-fueled platforms like Substack and Patreon, rather than PornHub Premium, as it eyes a unicorn valuation.