Thanksgiving is when most Americans choose to forget their diet, pull out their stretchy pants, and eat whatever is not nailed down to the table. Here at House Method, we know that everyone has their favorite dish and their favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Sometimes that favorite recipe or dish varies based on where you grew up, where your family is from, or where you’re currently living. Different areas of the country and different states have Thanksgiving recipes that are traditional to those areas or staples for their Thanksgiving meals. This got us thinking, what are the most popular Thanksgiving Day recipes in every state?

We did a little digging with the help of Google Trends and we have an answer for you. Keep on reading to find out your state’s most popular Thanksgiving recipe.

Roasted turkey was the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe overall by count of states, winning nine in total. That result makes sense as people want to learn how to best prepare the signature Thanksgiving dish and typically that happens by roasting in an oven. Salads and dressing were not far behind, each being the most-searched recipe in six states.

However, we were a little surprised that deep fried turkey wasn’t more popular, winning in just one state. But, looks like Kentucky likes their turkey the same way they like their chicken — fried. Deviled eggs are usually a hit at  dinner parties and Thanksgiving dinner is no exception as deviled eggs won over four states.

It seems like people in the midwest really enjoy their casseroles based on their Google searching habits (and who can blame them – any type of casserole is delicious). Green bean casserole and corn casserole were the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in the midwest.

And we didn’t forget about dessert, the best part of the Thanksgiving Day meal. Whether it’s apple pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, or cheesecake, we love it all. Not a surprise, the southern states love their pecan pie and are searching for the best recipe. The delicious, traditional southern pie was the most searched for dessert in six states, including Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Interestingly, both brownies and pumpkin pie lead the way in most states, both tied for 15 in all.

Below is a chart with the results for savory and sweet by state.

Whether it be turkey or ham, sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole, or just all of the above, Thanksgiving is a time to eat, be with friends and family, and have no regrets about the calorie intake. So throw on those loose pants you were saving for a rainy day, think about running that Turkey Trot (at least the thought crossed your mind, right?), hit up the grocery store early because no one likes to be stuck in those lines, and get ready to eat.