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AOC, Sanders Are Reintroducing Their Green New Deal for Public Housing Bill

The progressives’ bill calls for investing over $100 billion in public housing over the next decade.

Amid COVID Surge, NH Governor Lifts Mask Mandate and Orders Kids Back to School

Thanks to “leaders” like Gov. Chris Sununu, the end of this ordeal remains nowhere in sight.

USDA May Allow Genetically Modified Trees to Be Released Into the Wild

A genetically engineered chestnut tree may be the first to spread into forests, setting dangerous global precedents.

24 Senators Urge Biden to Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

40 men are still being held at the military prison despite global outrage over its long record of torture.

COVID Profiteering Exposes the Need to Make Marxism Accessible to All

"A People’s Guide to Capitalism" demystifies and makes accessible the fundamental concepts of Marxist economics.

ALEC Seeks Constitutional Amendment to Block Expansion of Supreme Court

Republicans and their right-wing allies want to lock in their conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

The Southwest Offers Blueprints for the Future of Wastewater Reuse

By turning wastewater into drinking water, our existing water supplies could go further.

Colleges Are Using COVID as an Excuse for Austerity. Unions Are Pushing Back.

Some union organizers say that recent budget cuts were premature, premeditated, and in some cases, draconian.

The Supreme Court Is Also to Blame for Daunte Wright’s Death

In legalizing racial profiling, the Supreme Court has fueled a racist cycle of traffic stops and police killings.

FedEx’s Phone Policy Meant Workers Were Unable to Reach Families After Shooting

The motivation for the shooting has not yet been determined, authorities said.