As you read these words, a glacier in central Alaska is rapidly moving 100 times faster than its normal rate. Imagine our collective reaction if anything else—a speeding car or falling rock—was moving 100 times faster than normal. Naturally, we’d fear the unknown. But that’s a hypothetical. Let’s get more concrete. According to a 2017 report by the Climate Accountability Institute, 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to 100 companies. When we hear or read these alarming facts, it’s natural that many of us want to do something. But what can we do on an individual basis to tackle such a dire global dilemma? As consumers, it’s our demands (and purchases) of products that dictate the amounts of fossil fuels being burned by these 100 companies. If we (especially if we do it in large masses) demand products that are more eco-friendly, capitalism will bend in our favor. And we must do it, as this task is too big for any one person to sit on the sidelines and watch. Below, AD covers 10 sleek and practical products that would go a long way in launching your new, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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