4 Tips To Remember When Shopping For A Dry Herb Vape

Deciding to purchase a dry herb vaporizer is exciting, but that excitement can quickly evolve into confusion without knowing what goes into choosing the perfect device.

There are numerous factors that go into successfully purchasing a vaporizer that can be used regularly. Not keeping these factors in mind can essentially lead to wasting a considerable amount of money.

On the contrary, keeping the finer details top of mind when shopping for a dry-herb vaporizer can completely transform the way you prefer to consume cannabis forever. Here are some of the biggest tips to remember when shopping for a dry herb vape for the first time.

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Understand Convection vs. Conduction Vaporizers

One of the most important factors in determining the ideal dry herb vape is whether it’s convection or conduction based. Even though the vast majority of vaporizers are convection based, it is possible to find some that use conduction. Conduction entails a heating element contacting cannabis, instead of burning it directly.

Vaporizers that rely on the convection method on the other hand heats the area surrounding the dry-herb material in order to vaporize it. Since the convection method doesn’t require any interference from other objects, this method is more likely to provide consumers with an even burn. 

Keep Temperature Control in Mind

One of the characteristics that can make or break someone’s experience using a dry herb vaporizer is temperature control. Typically, dry herb vaporizers come with roughly anywhere from three to five options to choose from regarding temperature settings. Having more control over the temperature level allows people to base their vaping experience not only on the clouds that are produced, but taste as well.

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Additionally, having high levels of temperature controls also provide the opportunity for users to preserve their marijuana for longer than they would ordinarily be able to. 

Know How to Properly Maintain the Device

An important factor to consider when shopping for the perfect dry herb vaporizer is how much time you’re willing to spend cleaning it. Even though the vast majority of vaporizers are easy to clean, more complex ones could involve more maintenance than you’re ready to perform. This is why it’s crucial to understand what goes into cleaning a vaporizer before moving forward with buying one. In most cases, finding out what goes into properly maintenancing a device can be done by researching the product online or by reading its ratings and reviews.

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Have a Good Place to Stash The Device and Accessories  

One of the most devastating things that could happen after finally making a vaporizer purchase is losing one of its components or breaking it entirely. This is why it’s recommended to have a safe location in mind for safekeeping when the device isn’t being used. Many vaporizers on the market are fairly sturdy, but all it takes is one accident to end up right back on the market in search of a replacement.

The best way to avoid a catastrophic accident is by making sure you have a safe location to place the device before buying it. Doing so can save consumers an abundance of time and money.