How to Make Cannabis-Infused Gummy Bears

There is a lot you don’t know about me, but for starters, you should know that I have an insatiable fruity candy lust that is rivaled only by my lusty feelings about cannabis.

This inclination toward fruity candy certainly stems from the lack of fruit in my diet and my body’s natural craving for colorful, … Read the rest

How Brooklyn’s Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Brooklyn’s modern history began as six small Dutch towns on the southern tip of Long Island. From these inauspicious beginnings sprouted New York’s most populous borough, full of unique and distinct neighborhoods. You may know where these neighborhoods are, but do you know what their names mean?

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge, ca. 1872-1887

Dutch settlers … Read the rest

Google and Levi’s built a new gesture-sensing smart jacket

The left sleeve on the blue denim jacket I’m wearing looks like a normal textile. But if I brush my right hand over that small part of the garment, moving inwards, a robotic voice announces the time through my Bluetooth headphones. Moving my hand across it outwards—like I’m pushing crumbs off the sleeve— prompts the … Read the rest

What is cannabis and what is a cannabis strain?

Cannabis is a fascinating plant genus best known for its mind-altering and medicinal properties. Its use and cultivation date back as far as written language itself, and its therapeutic and spiritual utility spans many cultures around the world throughout history.

But despite its ubiquity, you may not fully understand what cannabis is or why there … Read the rest