These Companies Want to Make CBD More Affordable for Veterans

It’s no secret that cannabis helps combat veterans. But THC isn’t the only cannabis compound that may help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain, and other symptoms. CBD, a non-intoxicating compound produced by the cannabis plant, may also help.

But finding affordable CBD can be difficult for veterans and other vulnerable demographics such as senior citizens, long-term disability recipients, low-income recipients, and active duty military service men and women. Luckily, there are a few groups out there that give a damn about bettering their lives.

Don’t misconstrue “vulnerable” with notions of weakness. Rather, these demographics represent folks who have been let down by systems that promised to support them. With potentially lifelong ailments such as PTSD, chronic pain, arthritis, or a myriad of other physical and mental illnesses, there are thankfully CBD companies that cherish the right to be a pillar of support.

CBD is a gateway to education on the medicinal aspects of legal cannabis. Considering the ongoing opioid epidemic and numbing side effects of pharmaceuticals, our vulnerable demographics deserve the right to easy access to CBD.

How CBD Companies Can Help

Various companies provide CBD accessibility with regular discounts or free products. When it comes to breaking down what accessibility means, it’s working around limitations indirectly created by the federal government. Since CBD is still a Schedule I drug according to the DEA, health insurance companies aren’t in a rush to cover this medicinal supplement.

There’s the Veteran Affairs (VA) department, Social Security, Medicare, and many other government benefits services. None of these provide assistance for medical cannabis or CBD. Weighing the cost of CBD versus the coverage of pharmaceuticals, it’s clear why CBD companies actively work with these individuals to help them create sustainable, healthier lives.

November Leafly story outlined veteran experiences and how opioids ruined their lives. It’s easy to imagine there are similar results with seniors and disability recipients who have unrelenting physical pain that compromises their existence. In exchange for pain, they tolerate an all-encompassing numbness that can lead to addiction and suicide.

CBD may also be the answer for those who live in states that don’t offer medical marijuana or their stations in life will be compromised with a drug test. There’s also the reality that many can’t afford to move to a legal state. This is the case for active duty soldiers who may still require CBD to relieve ailments or to boost their physical training performance and recovery.

And given the option to purchase full-spectrum CBD or isolates, drug tests are less likely to be a point of concern.

Charities provide for other vulnerable demographics that require funding, and there are CBD companies that give back in this way. They will overtly say on their site that a portion of profits is donated to an organization, or they give the consumer the option to donate and choose a select group to support.

Where to Shop for Supportive CBD

Charity donations reflect that many CBD companies want to feel connected with the betterment of our society. Though some charities refuse contributions from cannabis companies, it’s satisfying to know that there are many willing to help bridge the gap between society and cannabis.

If you want to help support active duty soldiers, low-income recipients, senior citizens, veterans, disability recipients, and/or a charity or two, consider placing your CBD order with these sites.

And many, many more.