5 TikTok Skincare Trends You Should Avoid

TikTok is a place for all sorts of advice, from how to get revenge on an ex, to how to take care of your plants. If you have a question regarding just about anything, you’ll likely find an answer on TikTok, something that is great, but that also requires some vetting. This is especially important when it comes to your mental and physical health, including skincare.

Skincare TikTok is quite prominent. These videos, usually found under the hashtags #skincare or #beauty, have dramatically varied recommendations, from influencers using and reviewing products to advanced techniques like DIY microneedling. Needless to say, recommendations and suggestions like the latter should be supervised by a certified professional, and people should be careful of following these bits of advice.

The Huffington Post spoke with health and skincare experts who were against following certain TikTok skincare trends. Here are the 5 most prominent TikTok skincare trends you should avoid:

All types of microneedling

Microneedling is a relatively simple procedure when done by the care of a professional. Despite the fact that is described as “minimally invasive,” it’s still a procedure, one where small needles enter and probe the skin in order to generate new collagen and develop new and healthier skin. By using a dermaroller, people on TikTok are conducting these procedures at home. While some have found success, health experts explain that these small abrasions could result in infections and the like.

Sunscreen contouring

Sunscreen contouring is the practice of using sunscreen to selectively tan skin, creating an effect that’s similar to what you’d get when applying makeup to your face. It’s a bad idea. “Any tanning of the skin is a sign that DNA damage to skin cells has occurred. Sunscreen is not meant to be used only as a highlighter in select areas. You need an even application throughout the whole face to protect from photo-aging and skin cancer,” said dermatologist Dr. Joyce Parker.

DIY injections

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It’s safe to say that using any needles for skincare procedures while unsupervised is a resounding no. No matter how simple and friendly the instructions look, any type of injection in the skin could result in lesions, infections, scarring, and even permanent blindness if administered incorrectly.

DIY mole removals

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It feels crazy to have to write that people should absolutely avoid removing moles from their skin but here we are. Moles aren’t like nails or hair or even a little piece of skin that’s bugging you and you want to remove easily. One of the most important parts about dermatologists who remove moles is their expertise, knowing whether the mole is benign or malignant. If it’s the latter, the mole could be a symptom of a larger problem and should have a biopsy in order to make sure your skin is okay.

Much more

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Skincare is a very delicate process. While finding recommendations and inspiration online is great, TikTok is a perfect tool for providing reductive advice. Just because a skin care regimen works on someone, doesn’t mean it’ll work on you, and it could result in, at best, a loss of money, at worst, some dangerous side effects.

Use TikTok for fun, but keep the serious and health-related stuff to professionals.