A Beginner’s Guide To Meditating With Marijuana

Cannabis can be a great accompaniment for any kind of meditation, as really all that involves is presence. Following are some reflections about how to add cannabis by Tara Rose, host of the Green Goddess podcast, which explores sacred medicine, evolution of consciousness, and philosophy. Here is a beginners guide to meditating with marijuana.

In her estimation, there’s a world of difference between getting stoned and working with cannabis in an intentional way. When we are just getting stoned, we are using the plant without care or intention — perhaps even using it to try and escape ourselves. To use cannabis with intention is the opposite. We choose to bring greater consciousness and awareness through communing with the herb. We allow her to amplify our subconscious mind and suppressed emotions so that we can learn more about ourselves, embrace them and integrate them.

She suggests starting out by simply giving thanks before using the plant and to use it with care. It’s a good practice to make sure that you’re grounded and have eaten beforehand, because it can be very activating to the crown chakra and overstimulating and ungrounding if used too often (or by someone who isn’t balanced). The idea is to create more harmony in our being instead of causing disharmony. The trope of the spacey forgetful stoner is basically just a super ungrounded individual.

How Cannabis Can Help You Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level
Photo by Lua Valentia via Unsplash

Rose cautions that you need to be careful not to allow yourself to become so dependent on cannabis as a means of relaxation that you cannot mediate without having consumed it first. As cannabis can be so stimulating to the crown and third eye, it is important not to become dependent upon it for spirituality because the plant is a teacher and a way shower but we are meant to integrate these teachings.

For many, the ritual of smoking cannabis can add to the overall experience. Others find that an edible can provide an all over body sensation conductive to meditating. Often a hybrid 1:1 strain can provide that sweet spot were one can be in a state of relaxation but remain alert enough to savor the meditative experience without going to sleep. Continue to experiment with different strains and delivery methods until find the right combination that works for one’s individual meditative experience.