How To Naturally Make Your Marijuana High Extra Intense

Every activity in life can use a pick-me-up, from the weekly dinners you cook to sex. Weed is the same; while the first few times consuming weed is euphoric and shiny, the more you do it, the more you get used to it and it becomes normal.

There’s nothing wrong with normal, but weed becomes a deeper experience when you put some thought into it and get creative. This can mean pairing your weed with a beautiful hike or your favorite TV show. It can also mean pairing weed with some kind of natural stimulant or experience, making your whole session stronger and more intense.

Here’s how to naturally make your weed experience more intense:


cannabis hacks for experts mangoes
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If you’ve Googled “how to make your weed high more intense,” you’ve read about mangoes. This delicious fruit is infamous among weed smokers, whether they’ve paired it with weed or not. It’s not all lies; mangoes contain myrcene, an aromatic compound that has been associated with stress-relieving properties.

Mixing weed and mangoes is a strong and aromatic experience, from your tastebuds to the way your body processes the compounds in each element. Still, it’s difficult to predict what your experience will be like, especially since weed strains can be vastly different depending on their effects and the way they affect your body. If you want to mix mangoes and weed, start slow and try out different strains and cannabis-to-mangoes ratio.

Tame your high with strong odors

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The line between an intense and uncomfortable high is thin, and it’s important to recognize it since it can make or break your experience. Strong odors and flavors, like the one that comes from peppercorns or lemons, can help temper a high that’s too strong, bringing you into the present. Using a scented humidifier can also help you relax and get into a comfortable headspace, perfect for smoking weed and having a good time.

Incorporate coffee, food, or something stimulating

You Should Wait This Long Before Drinking Your Morning Coffee
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In order to make your cannabis experience more intense, mix your weed consumption with something else. Having a coffee or a Red Bull might prove to be a little more intense than what you’d expect, or it might produce an experience that’s focused and euphoric, great for completing chores around the house or for writing or completing assignments.

Some people love to mix weed and alcohol, something that feels good when it works but that has some side effects that not everyone wants to experience (crossfaded highs are no joke). Foods like peanuts or sweet potatoes might also boost your weed experience, with the former having plenty of omega-3, which is also present in cannabinoids and could theoretically extend your high. Sweet potatoes are rich in B-vitamins and carbs, which boost serotonin and might give a happy tint to your high.

Take a tolerance break

4 Perks Of Taking A Cannabis Tolerance Break
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Lastly, a tolerance break might be the simplest answer for your cannabis plateau. Taking a week or a two-week break will reinvigorate your relationship with marijuana and make for a more powerful experience, one that can help you be more aware of everything you’re doing under the influence, whether that’s taking a nap or watching a trippy movie.